The Fostering Resiliency Project (FRP) is a new program focused on providing healing-centered mentoring services to Black youth ages 12-18 in foster care in South Los Angeles, home to the County’s largest concentration of Black male youth in foster care.

Through FRP, Friends LA and partner mentoring organizations aim to provide youth with strengths-based mentoring services that promote healing, as well as the building of knowledge, skills, and social-capital needed to create the conditions of positive youth development. Our goal is that we see these young men achieve their full potential and avoid future system involvement.


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Director of The Fostering Resiliency Project

Dr. Carroll J. Brown III leads the FRP at its helm after a decade-long career in mental health awareness and advocacy through educational programming to communities of color. He has a strong passion for working with at-risk youth, utilizing emotional intelligence to help young men not only understand who they are, but learn who they are as they continue to live healthy lives.

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Shoes 4 Grades

Shoes 4 Grades has one mission: to improve students' grades by encouraging children to excel in school, to enjoy the learning experience, and to become life-long learners.

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The Enlightened Mentor Project

The Enlightened Mentor Project helps at-risk youth in under-resourced communities in the greater L.A. area develop the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to create superior academic, career and life outcomes for themselves and the communities in which they live.

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EMERGE mentors foster youth, using Hip Hop to guide academic and personal growth. Their education units and programs are called “Ciphers” because Hip Hop artists use this tool to communicate, exchange ideas, and sharpen their skills.

How It Works

In partnership with SPA 6 DCFS Field Social Workers, Friends LA staff and mentoring organizations collaboratively support boys being referred to FRP by providing ongoing holistic support, as needed, through sharing of critical youth development milestones.

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The depth of FRP mentoring services includes:

1. COMMUNITY AND CULTURAL SUPPORT. Working in tandem to build bridges to and throughout the community.

2. WELL-BEING. Addressing physical and emotional trauma.

3. EDUCATION. Providing educational support to thrive in middle school, high school and college.

4. EMPLOYMENT. Skill building for job readiness and securing a job.

5. INDEPENDENT LIVING SKILLS. Cultivating soft skills to obtain housing and transportation, oversee finances, and achieve life goal(s).

Allies of The Fostering Resiliency Project

The Fostering Resiliency Project would not be possible without the support of these dedicated donors and community partners, whose support enables generational change to be a possibility for L.A. County foster youth.

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Inquiries about The Fostering Resiliency Project can be sent to