Dupriese Montgomery

Professional Mentor, Metro-South Los Angeles

Dupriese Montgomery is a highly accomplished and dedicated professional mentor in service to Friends of Children Los Angeles, specifically, the Metro-South LA area.

Inspired by his own upbringing in South Central Los Angeles, Dupriese has made it his life's work to empower and amplify the dreams of young people who look and grow up like him. He firmly holds the principle that everyone should pursue their aspiration, regardless of their background, and dismiss anyone who attempts to convince and discourage them otherwise. His life story stands as a testament to his unwavering determination and passion for helping others.

Over the years, Dupriese has served in various educational capacities, including paraprofessional, behavioral interventionist, and most recently, substitute teacher across several school districts in Southern California. His experience has led him to observe firsthand the inequalities and injustices prevalent in the education system, especially in lower-income communities relative to their charter and private counterparts. Determined to bridge this gap, he transitioned from the classroom to mentorship, where he could provide a more personalized and focused approach to cater to the needs of his mentees. His experience in different roles has honed his skills and instilled the belief that every child deserves equal access to educational resources and opportunities.

Dupriese recently earned his BA in English, with a subject matter to teach middle and high school, from California State University, Northridge. Although he originally set his sights on becoming a teacher, his newfound passion for the mentorship of young people led him to put that aspiration on hold to pursue his current career path.

In summary, Dupriese Montgomery is a passionate, highly trained professional mentor who strives to inspire, empower, and support the next generation of leaders from underrepresented communities. His unwavering commitment and hard work are a testament to his values and principles in pursuit of educational and personal excellence.

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