Dr. Carroll Brown (He/Him)

Fostering Resilience Project Director

Dr. Carroll J. Brown III, Psy. D graduated from Phillips Graduate University (c/o 2018) where he obtained his Doctorate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Management and Consulting. He is an accomplished and highly respected subject matter specialist in leadership development and change management.  His past experiences include working with teams within organizations, assisting managers create methods used for developing, and implementing strategies to improve organizational processes and achieve overall organizational goals.  Additionally, Dr. Carroll is a respected mental health professional and has been working in the mental health field for over a decade.

Dr. Carroll is passionate about helping provide mental health awareness and advocacy through educational programs to communities of color. Further, he has developed a passion for helping individuals develop as leaders to improve organizational efficiency through training and development, and by generating methods to cultivate skills to build individual confidence.

Dr. Carroll is proud Matador Alumni wherein he obtained his B.A. in Pan African Studies (now known as Africana Studies).  Currently, he sits on the board of the USU at CSUN as the Alumni Representative, is the President of the Black Alumni Association, and is also the Director of Special Initiatives with Minority Psychology Network (MPN).

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