November 15, 2022

Why MacKenzie Scott's Donation Matters

Friends of the Children Los Angeles is honored to have been one of approximately 343 organizations to receive life-changing donations from MacKenzie Scott this year.

MacKenzie's most recent blog post on details her reasoning for making such generous donations: "I recently learned a saying: 'Nothing about us without us.' For me, it's another beautiful and powerful reminder. I needn't ask those I care about what to say to them, or what to do for them. I can share what I have with them to stand behind them as they speak and act for themselves."

MacKenzie deserves our sincere gratitude for supporting our youth and creating opportunities for them. This donation will go a long way in helping bring our vision into reality – that one day, every child will have a long-term and consistent relationship with a caring adult who believes in them.

Here's why her donation matters:

1. MacKenzie Scott Believes in Youth Power

One of the reasons we are so appreciative of MacKenzie's donation is that it underscores our belief in youth power. Her $2.9 million donation will go a long way toward our work in empowering our local youth and communities.

2. MacKenzie Scott Is Supporting Grassroots Change

Another reason why her donation humbles us is that it affirms our commitment to grassroots change. We know that actual change comes from within communities—that's why our programs are led by young people directly impacted by the issues we're working to address. With MacKenzie's support, we can expand our reach and continue building power from the ground up.

Again, we are grateful to have received a generous and impactful donation from MacKenzie Scott. Her support allows us to continue building power from the ground up and amplifying youth voices so that one day, no child has to go through life alone. Thank you, MacKenzie!