June 15, 2021

One Spark Can Change the World

Alexa and her Friend Ashakia love to explore Sparks together.

Meet Alexa*! This little lady was very shy when she first met her Friend, Ashakia. But you would never know that if you met Alexa today! Ashakia has been coaxing her out of her shell over the past year by helping Alexa find her Spark. A "Spark" is what we call a person's passions or strengths. Together, Friends and their youth use their imagination, curiosity, and creativity to generate ideas and discover the child's Spark.

Through this process, Ashakia has built a strong relationship with Alexa. Alexa looks to Ashakia for comfort, positivity, belonging, hope, and assistance as she continues to discover new interests and build upon old ones. Naturally, they've become very close -- and the best part? Alexa's mother has shown a big interest in the activities that Alexa and Ashakia do together. She's even joined them on a couple of outings and activities! Positive relationship building is a pillar of our program, and the collaborative nature between her Friend and her caregiver is a wonderful example for Alexa to model in her own social circles.

Today, Alexa continues to cultivate her Spark as she explores her community for different interests that she enjoys. Ashakia is happy to be on the journey with her, knowing that Alexa looks up to her for support and affirmations that grow her mind.

*Name has been changed to protect youth's privacy.