February 16, 2023

Five Ways to Ensure Children Feel Loved

You do not need special celebrations or expensive gifts to show your children how much you love them. In a recent article from Fatherly, it has been observed that children feel most loved when given consistent, meaningful attention. Children are vulnerable to these emotional and physical impacts regardless of age.

S,o let's focus on what we can do to show our love and care for them.

Five Ways to Express Love in Children

1. Physical Affection. Showing physical affection through hugs and kisses is a great way to demonstrate love for your children. You can show it as you arrive home from work, when they have achieved something great, or for no reason at all!

2. Quality Time. Spend quality time together without technology, such as playing board games or time outside. Why not schedule regular one-on-one time with each of your children?

3. Appreciation. Speak appreciation when your child does something well or shows good behavior to remind them that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. Well-thought words often have more power than physical gestures.

4. Gifts. Give gifts symbolic of your love, such as homemade artwork or a special toy. Even small presents can make a big difference in showing how much you care about them. Explain why you are giving the gift and what it represents.

5. Listening & Talking. Make sure to actively listen to your children and show interest in what they have to say, as hearing their voices is one of the best expressions of love you can give them. Knowing that their parents or guardian is eager to listen even to their silly stories will make them feel more secure and loved.

Showing love to your children does not have to be complicated or expensive. It can start with small gestures that tell them how much you care about them daily. Then, invest time, listen, talk, and show physical affection to express your love for them. This will go a long way in building a strong bond and helping your children lead happy and prosperous lives.


Friends LA's professional mentors find ways to express love and appreciation to their children knowing they need it the most. Love is one of the essential human needs, and when it is not met, our mental and emotional health can suffer greatly.

In this month of love, let's do our part and show love and care for those in need, especially children. The small gestures we make can go a long way in helping build strong relationships and create a better future for them.