Thrisha Campbell (She/Her)

Professional Mentor, Metro-South Los Angeles

Thrisha Campbell is a professional mentor who believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. She believes in the power of kindness and showing up for one another. Her mission is to help ignite the passion in children that will enable them to go after their dreams and goals full throttle. Thrisha understands the value of having someone that believes in you, supports you and wants to see you through. Her father was that person for her, a man that worked seven days a week to ensure his family was taken care of and had access to all the opportunities America has to offer. Thrisha has that same drive for the children and caregivers she serves because she knows every child can positively impact the next generation!

Thrisha was born in Jamaica and raised in Los Angeles. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor's degree in Educational Studies. Thrisha has worked with children from South Los Angeles to Beverly Hills, and has seen the education system's disparities between the two communities. She wants to bring her knowledge and skills to help the most underrepresented populations thrive and realize their wildest dreams. She believes all children should have exceptional learning opportunities regardless of zip code.

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