Lu Galvez (He/Him)

Program Manager, Metro-South Los Angeles

Lu Galvez joined Friends LA because he believes that to promote growth and independence and break the cycle of generational poverty and trauma, people must establish a consistent and reliable support group who cheers, encourages, and listens. By focusing on growth physically as well as emotionally and mentally, children can be empowered to adjust to the challenges presented by everyday life to maximize longevity, individual potential, and gratitude.

In his role as a Friend, Lu is excited to be working with children to help them learn to communicate and share their wants, needs and dislikes in a productive manner. Some of the tactics he plans to share with his mentees include teaching coping strategies such as mindfulness, encouraging journaling, and promoting regular exercise to improve overall wellbeing.

Lu has worked with children with autism and down syndrome (both verbal and nonverbal) and has been able to teach them calming strategies, functional communication, self-care skills and reduce any interfering behaviors both in classrooms and at home. He is certified as a behavior technician and trained to help individuals of all ages with disabilities recover or adjust with functional exercises.

Lu has extensive training and certifications in applied behavior analysis as well as a deep passion for movement and exercise. He graduated cum laude from California State University Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation.

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