Lindsey Morris

Professional Mentor, Metro-South Los Angeles

Lindsey Morris was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN with a recent relocation to Los Angeles, CA. After spending both a year at FlU and Nicholls State University, she graduated with her bachelor's degree in social work from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Despite her recent relocation to CA, Lindsey has a true desire to fully immerse, explore and embrace all the ins and outs that Los Angeles has to offer.

Lindsey comes to us with a wide array of experience such as working as a Special Education Assistant, to working with out-aged foster care youth, serving as an Intern Advocate for youth experiencing or at risk of sex trafficking, to providing childcare at a drop in facility for kids between the ages of 3m-11 years old. Throughout these experiences, she learned the importance of serving as a trustworthy, safe and reliable individual. She has always had a true passion for uplifting, empowering and honoring the worthiness of all people and ensuring that all voices are to be seen, heard and valued.

She will be serving as a Professional Mentor and is extremely excited to be a part of the newfound strengths, skills, dreams and discoveries that our youth bring. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, being out in the sun, going for walks, exploring new places and trying new foods.

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