Lashica Johnson

Professional Mentor, Metro-South Los Angeles

Lashica found her passion in changing the lives of youth when she began working as a Youth Development Professional. She understands the impact that mentors have on our youth and is dedicated to advocating and supporting the families in the communities she serves.

Lashica has worked with non-profit organizations as an after-school mentor at school-based programs, been a member of the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) task force committee, and was an advisor for the teen leadership national program. She has experience working with youth aged from 4 to 18 years old and loves being able to connect with them and be a champion for every child she works with.

Lashica holds a degree in Journalism in Arts, which she has learned to incorporate into her work. She loves sharing this passion with the youth she works with and hopes to inspire the youth to unlock their passions. She continues to find new ways to allow children to uncover new hobbies and strives to encourage them to believe in themselves and their abilities. She genuinely believes in the work that she does and hopes to continue to empower the younger generation to believe in themselves and achieve their goals.

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