Kimberly Garner (She/Her)

Family Engagement Director, Antelope Valley

Kimberly Garner believes that it is a child’s right to be a child. However, she also shares the belief that every child should be entitled to a nurturing, supportive adult that will be a role model throughout their development. Kimberly maintains that children are the future and recognizes that children need stability, consistency, and support to reach their greatest potential and beyond.

Kimberly has served underprivileged children and their families within the Antelope Valley and San Fernando Valley areas through various settings in her previous works as a case manager, a Head Start educator, and in her role working for the City of Lancaster’s Children’s Academic and Recreation Enrichment Success Program (CARES) that served children within the Antelope Valley.

Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science Child and Adolescent Development from California State University Northridge. She also has her adult/pediatric AED/CPR certification. It is Kimberly’s hope and aspiration that through her work with Friends LA in Antelope Valley, she will guide children to empower and seek their fullest potential.

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