Joseph Pines

Professional Mentor, Antelope Valley

Joseph Pines was born and raised in the Antelope Valley. He is currently working on his bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and then his master’s degree in Public Administration through Liberty University. He is bringing six years of experience in social services with him to Friends of the Children.

Joe has always felt and seen what the Antelope Valley has lacked in support and services for the youth. Six years ago, he took a personal interest in the community by hosting local drives for shelters in the Antelope Valley and creating community events to help serve others. Through other nonprofit organizations, he has directly influenced, mentored, and befriended multiple youth in the Antelope Valley through after school programs, clinics, coaching, and serving at multiple churches.

Joe is a firm believer of guidance, love, and commitment. With these three main goals in mind, he believes it can completely change a trajectory in a youth’s life. He could not be any more excited about the potential possibilities of growth for youth through Friends of the Children.

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