Jessica Duran

Professional Mentor, Antelope Valley

Jessica Duran gives credence to the powerful impact supportive guidance can make on a child. As a child from two immigrant parents who didn't speak the language and worked hard to provide a stable environment, she partook in community programs available to children of low-income families. These types of programs helped shape and guide her throughout her youth. She has firsthand awareness and recognizes how essential support is. Jessica has a degree in Computer Engineering and is furthering her education at the University of Arizona, where shortly she will complete her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and soon after will pursue her M.S. Education in School Counseling.

Before working with Friends of The Children Los Angeles, Jessica worked with children on the spectrum as a Behavioral Therapist. She has experience in ABA Therapy, assisting, supporting, and educating parents, families, and caregivers with tools to develop verbal, communication, and social skills for their children's success. She has dedicated many years of community engagement with children and youth. Jessica is the Children's Ministry Director at her local Seventh Day Adventist Church, where she has been a member for many years and has taught and volunteered.

Her goal is to build children's confidence and sense of belonging, motivating them to aspire to grow along with change for their future success.

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