Grisel Vasquez

Program Director, Metro-South Los Angeles

Grisel Vasquez has over 17 years of experience working with several non-profits and school districts throughout Los Angeles County. She attended California State University Dominguez Hills and studied Sociology. During her time in college, she discovered her love of working with youth.

She started her journey in the After School and Special Education sector. She later transitioned to work with at-risk and foster youth by providing mentorship and support services in South Los Angeles schools. Grisel understood the importance of being a consistent part of a young person’s life at an early age.

Prior to joining Friends LA, Grisel was part of the Parent Engagement Team at LA Promise Fund. While doing this work, she understood the connection and importance of the family unit and the positive effect it has on youth. By combining her passion and experience Grisel joined the Friends LA team in 2019. As a Friend, she developed long-lasting relationships with her youth and their caregivers. In 2021, she became the Program Manager for the Metro-South LA program. She continues to support her families and offer support to staff through coaching and teamwork.

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