Ashakia Morgan

Professional Mentor, Antelope Valley

Ashakia Morgan helps support and empower youth by creating a safe space for youth to grow and find the spark from within. Ashakia strongly believes that children are the future and hold great potential inside of them that must be unlocked, engaged and supported. She has passion to work with children that need more support in reaching their goals.

By establishing a strong, long-term friendship with a child facing everyday hardship, Ashakia wishes to help children find their light and enjoy the positive things while on their journey to adult hood. With being the oldest sibling in her family and having one sibling diagnose with sever cerebral palsy, Ashakia would often speak for her, comfort her, accompany and interact in her physical therapy and schooling. Here, Ashakia knew she wanted to help all children who may struggle to find their voices and reach for their dreams with a consistent, positive person along the way.

Ashakia has worked with children of different ages and backgrounds by working in the field as a Behavior Therapist and volunteering at after school programs with Casa Pacifica, tutoring part-time and previously working with those suffering at the hands of substance abuse. Ashakia holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University of Channel Islands and a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Now, Ashakia plans on continuing her work here at Friends of the Children to advocate for children and see them reach their future goals.

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