Shuli Harel

Member since 2022

Head of Production, Duplass Brothers Productions

Los Angeles, CA

Shuli Harel is a native Angeleno who grew up playing classical piano and oil painting – so it should come as no surprise that her early love of the arts eventually led her to graduate from UCLA with a BA in English and Film. During her time in school, she worked for NBC on such shows as Parks and Recreation. After graduating and moving to New York, Shuli served as a valuable team member at WB, iTV and FX during her time on the east coast. Her work on the pilot for HBO's Togetherness ultimately brought her back to Los Angeles, and this pivotal series introduced her to Mark and Jay Duplass, resulting in their collaboration on subsequent projects. Shuli eventually joined the Duplass Brothers’ company full-time in 2019 and serves as their Head of Production. In her current position, she advises on all active productions and development, serves as a producer on the ground for most of the productions, supervises the company’s HR and Business Affairs needs, and oversees a team of full-time employees. As a key member of a small production company, Shuli often finds herself wearing many different hats and juggling multiple and varied responsibilities at any given time – it’s an extremely fulfilling challenge, as her main motivation for working in the industry is to help others in achieving their creative goals and dreams. She currently spends most of her free time finding peace through exercise and has developed a budding interest in pottery. As a person dedicated to the betterment of society, her ultimate goal is to spend the rest of her life in the nonprofit world, with a focus on children, mental health, and helping heal generational trauma.

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