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Ways to Give

This December, We Need Your Help

How do we wrap up this year of such uncertainty and upheaval? With our Strength of Friendship campaign, we aim to expand our network by raising $100,000 in support of our programming, supporting 244 youth and parents impacted by foster care across Los Angeles County. We are circling around our families – building a community that will always be with them for 12+ years, no-matter-what.

How does your donation make a difference?

  • $50 provides materials for a youth’s activities with a Friend for one month.
  • $100 supports two months of 1-on-1 time with our Caregiver Specialist for one family, connecting our parents to invaluable resources
  • $500 supports a Friend’s time with one youth for one month – 3-4 hours weekly, per child, for 12+ years.

Every dollar you donate helps. We are so grateful for your support - you are changing lives!

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