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Workplace-Based Volunteering

We want our youth to gain exposure to a plethora of career opportunities, and to know they can become anyone they’d like if they set their minds to it. So how do we help children explore opportunities found in skyscrapers or tech giants? We start by engaging the dedicated employees who make these companies thrive and want to build the next pipeline of hard-working professionals. There are numerous ways in which you can volunteer from the comfort of your office:

  • Tours: Expose our children to your company by giving them a tour of the office.
  • Skill-Building Activities: With staff support, help our children build their skills with activities that tie your expertise with their passions to accelerate their learning.
  • Job Shadowing: Spend a few hours with our youth and their mentors and share insight about your profession, what your day looks like and how you got to where you are now.

If you would like to participate in our workplace-based volunteer program, please contact Jorie Das, Chief of Staff, at jdas@friendsla.org.

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