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Angel Perez (He/Him)

Professional Mentor, Metro-South Los Angeles

Angel Perez believes that every person deserves a right to succeed because every life is as valuable as the next. His passion is to help individuals maximize and realize their own potential.

Angel knows that through strong community effort, every child, caregiver, and person can see how much value they, as individuals, bring to the world. Whether it be at the preschool level or the collegiate level, Angel has fostered an environment of growth and has worked to prepare youth and their families for the next level/chapter of their lives. His experiences as a tutor, teaching assistant, sports coach, volunteer, and big brother have driven him to want to help others.

Angel holds a bachelor's degree in Economics from UC Santa Barbara and a master's degree in Public Policy (with an Inequality and Social Policy concentration) from UC San Diego. His primary interest in studying economics was behavioral economics, which analyzes why people make certain decisions; he hoped to use this knowledge in graduate school to analyze social issues. During his time at UC San Diego, Angel extensively conducted educational equity research, and researched ways to help caregivers in underserved communities access high-quality and affordable childcare.